Peace Aviation - Charter Operations - Rockhampton Based

Peace Aviation offers charter operations throughout Queensland and into New South Wales. We can fly into Major airports and land on appropriate private strips. Our aircraft are equipped to fly in overcast weather and at night. We are keen to serve you and are always mindful of your safety…….Quote request

We provide scheduled charter services on a contracted basis, and are happy to provide one off type requests to meet with your requirements. ……….Quote request

Peace Aviation also provides fly in fly out operations to suit the mining industry rostering schedules. Flying from a location to Rockhampton Airport where links to Regular Public Transport (air) is available……..Quote request

We can also provide charter services at short notice for emergency work operating from our base at Rockhampton Airport …..Quote request

Peace Aviation offers a charter service to carry freight for fast delivery of high valued freight flown in strict security.

We have our own lounge at Rockhampton Airport and the ease of boarding your chartered aircraft at your convenience (no lines and queues for security). Let us know your needs and we will do our best to satisfy them with our tailored charter for your requirements. ……………………….Quote request