Recreational Pilot (Aeroplane) License - Rockhampton CQ Based.

Flying is affordable and this is the cheapest option to achieve a Pilot’s Certificate to fly an aeroplane.

Flying is a great adventure and flying a Recreational Aviation Australia registered light sports aircraft will enable you to see our magnificent country in a new way.

At Peace Aviation we offer training at Rockhampton Airport that will get you up in the air and you will experience the thrill of flying as a pilot in command of an aircraft.

Recreational Pilot’s Certificate

Student entry conditions:

  • A student cannot fly as pilot in-command (i.e solo) until she/he has attained the age of 15 and until an RA-Aus Student Pilot Certificate is issued. However, up to three hours dual instruction can be undertaken before applying for a Student Pilot Certificate and a further 6 hours dual instruction may be flown while waiting for the document.

Applicants must be:

  • Medically fit to a standard equivalent to that required to hold a driver’s licence in Australia. If under 18 years of age a parent must sign the application form for a Student Pilot Certificate.
  • Must become a member of Recreational Aviation Australia (Annual fee $160)
  • Must apply for and wear an aviation identification card (ASIC) that gives access to the secure parts of Australians Airports. (Annual fee $160)
  • Must hold or be eligible to hold a flight radiotelephone operators licence
  • Must have passed three ground examinations that include the rules of the air, Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, human factors, airmanship and decision-making.
  • Have a total of 20 hours flying instruction and pass a flying test.

A Pilot’s Certificate enables a pilot to fly themselves in an RA-Aus registered aircraft up to 25 miles from an airfield.

Endorsements: A pilot with a pilot’s Certificate can gain endorsements for the following:

  • Cross Country.
  • Passenger carrying.
  • High performance.
  • Low performance.
  • Nose wheel.
  • Tail wheel.
  • Control Airspace.
  • Maintenance.
  • Bi- Annual Flight Reviews.

Peace Aviation is an approved Flight Training Facility so contact us now to get started or for details on what your investment would be for you to achieve your dreams or desire to fly!