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Flying is the fastest and most efficient way to travel to Great Keppel Island. Whether you’re staying on the island, or just interested in a day trip, the scenery from the air makes this travel option worthwhile.

Passengers are able to embark at our premises at the General Aviation section of the Rockhampton Airport. As part of our service, we are able to shuttle passengers arriving in Rockhampton on one of the major airlines to our hangar. We also offer free parking for those who need it.

The flight experience lasts around thirty minutes, and we can have the passengers on Great Keppel Island within an hour of landing in Rockhampton.



Peace Aviation has the ability to fly to the island daily, and because we offer a non-scheduled service, we are able to arrange our departure and pickup times to suit your needs.

Using a variety of aircraft, we can fly anything from a four seat single engine aircraft with the ability to carry around 200kg for passengers and luggage, to an eight seat twin engine aircraft with the ability to carry around 900kg for passengers and luggage. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Peace Aviation has been the primary operator to the island now for about five years which means that you’ll be flying with experienced pilots with plenty of local knowledge.

Contact Us To Organise Your Flight.

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