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Private Pilot Licence


With the RPL training completed, a student can commence Navigation training and work towards a Private Pilot Licence.  In total, a student requires a minimum of 40 hours flight time to achieve a PPL. This training is competency based, and it’s not uncommon for students to have closer to 50 flight time at this point.  A student needs to be at least 17 years old before they can obtain a PPL.


A PPL entitles the holder to fly nearly anywhere is Australia as pilot in command, and with passengers. Initially, you would be restricted to flying single engine piston aircraft that don’t exceed a weight category of 5,700kg. 


Advanced Training

As the holder of a PPL, you may be interested in starting to fly larger aircraft, or aircraft with special design features.


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Commercial Pilot Licence

If you have achieved your PPL and like the idea of earning money as a pilot, you should consider the Commercial Pilot Licence.  Peace Aviation also works with the Central Queensland University which offers aviation courses to help take you there.


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